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Hermanus Whale Watching offer Boat Based Hermanus Whale Watching Trips in South Africa in a responsible Manner. Every year between June and December Southern Right Whales visit our Shores to find a mate or to give birth to their new calf. Southern Right Whales are known as the Gentle Giants of the ocean and love to entertain guests on the boat as they are very curious creatures. They are predominantly on the surface of the sea most of the time so they are great to view. 

Hermanus Whale Watching Trip

June - December of every year

Hermanus Whale Watching is famous for Boat Based Whale Watching in Hermanus to see Southern Right Whales in their Natural Environment and in a responsible manner. Hermanus in only a 1.5 hours drive from Cape Town City Centre. So it is not very far to come for a Whale Watching trip in Hermanus. Southern Right Whales come to South Africa Shores to give Birth or to find a Mate. Hermanus is also a beautiful place to visit with lots of scenery to enjoy. Not to mention all the lovely walks along the Sea Cliffs and the many activities you can enjoy. 

Whale Watching in Gansbaai

June - December of every year

Whale Watching in Gansbaai is another area that is only an extra 45 minute drive from Hermanus where you can enjoy Boat Based Whale Watching to see Southern Right Whales. The drive from Cape Town City Centre to Gansbaai is about a 2.5 hour drive. Gansbaai is also VERY well know for lots of Whale Activity over the years an has become a favourite spot for the Southern Right Whales. Even though you may drive and extra 45 minutes to Gansbaai, sometimes the Boat finds the Southern Right Whales sooner when leaving the harbour and therefore you can spend more time with the Souther Right Whales. 

Whale Watching in Plettenberg Bay

June - December of every year

If you didnt have the chance to go Whale Watching in Hermanus or Gansbaai and you thought you have missed out. Well, dont panic. If you are travelling up the Garden Route ( East Coast of the Western Cape ) we can book you on a Whale Watching trip in Plettenberg Bay which is about 600km from Cape Town City Centre. This is a perfect place to also see Southern Right Whales in a responsible manner. 

Whale Watching Hermanus Flights

June - December of every year

Now this is a view with a difference. How about seeing Southern Right Whales from the Big Blue Sky above. Searching through the air to see how Southern Right Whales scatter themselves over the bay on the surface of the water. You can also do a count of the whales and see how many you spot in the bay. You will be amazed of how many are in the bay. What a wonderful way to see these Gentle  Giants. 

Whale Watching Hermanus Full Day Tour

June - December of every year

The Hermanus Whale Watching Full Day Tour is an action packed day where we leave Cape Town and head towards Hermanus along the many scenic roads where we can enjoy the local Penguin Colony and don't forget a Boat Based Whale Watching trip to see the Southern Right Whales in their Natural Environment, plus much more.....

Gansbaai Big 5 Sea Safari

Mid December - June of every year

Once the Southern Right Whale Watching Season is over then the Big 5 Sea Safari begins. This happens around Mid December to May. The aim of this Trip is to Sea the Big 5 of the Ocean in the Gansbaai area. The Big 5 is considered to be the Great White Shark, Brydes Whales, Cape Fur Seals, Penguins and Dolphins. But you get a lot more as there are lots of Marine life and Birds to be seen. This is a definite if you have just mist the Southern Right Whale Season. 

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Interesting Facts

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Southern Right Whales

There are Approximately 10,000 Southern Right Whales that are spread around the southern part of the Southern Hemisphere.

The Southern Right Whale is a Baleen Whale. Their scientific name is -Eubalaena australis. The Southern Right Whale is a Baleen Whale .They are one of three species that are classified as right whales belonging to genus Eubalaena.



Southern Right Whale

Southern Right Whales are the size of 10 Elephants. An adult female can reach 15 m in length and can weigh up to 47 tonnes. The largest recorded is of 17.5 to 18 meters long and 80 tonnes.  The Souther Right testicles are likely to be the largest of any animal. Each Testical weighing around 500 kg (1,100 lb). This could mean that sperm competition is very important in the mating process.


Calving Females

The Calving females are very well known to return to their 'place of birth' at 3 year intervals.


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