Hermanus is famous for Boat Based Whale Watching Trips to see Southern Right Whales in their natural environment and in a responsible manner. Southern Right Whales come to visit Hermanus shores to give birth or to find a mate every year between June and December. Whale watching season in Hermanus offers a spectacular experience for all visitors. Not only can you see Southern Right Whales but you could also possibly have the pleasure of watching other Whale species like Humpback Whales and Bryde's Whales. Other animals can also be seen like the Common Dolphins, Cape Fur Seals, African Penguins and Marine Bird Life. It is also a beautiful place to visit with lots of scenery to enjoy. Not to mention all the lovely walks along the Sea Cliff path and the many activities you can enjoy. It's only a 1.5 hours’ drive from Cape Town City Centre. So it is not very far to travel from Cape Town. You can choose one from our different types of Hermanus whale watching cruises.


There is no best time of the day to go Whale Watching. Each trip will provide a different experience.

 So why not book 2 trips, so you can better experience these Gentle Giants of the Ocean - Southern Right Whales

How To book your Whale Watching Trip?

You can click the link below to book your Whale Watching trip or contact us on the on the online chat below or email us on info@whalewatchinghermanus.co or call us on +27 28 050 2273

Enjoy the Beautiful views that surround Walker Bay in Hermanus. 

So much more to see than just Southern Right Whales!!

Who knows you may come across Bryde's Whales, Humpback Whales and Dolphins!!

Quick info Guide!
Whale Season: June - mid December
Trip Duration: 1.5 - 2 hours
All ages welcome
Wheelchair Friendly
Light Refreshments are served on the Boat
Qualified SATOUR Guides onboard
Trips are Weather Dependant
Choose from Different Daily Departure Times
Arrive 30 minutes prior to departure
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Interesting Facts

Southern Right Whales

Client Love!

There are Approximately 10,000 Southern Right Whales that are spread around the southern part of the Southern Hemisphere. The Southern Right Whale is a Baleen Whale. Their scientific name is -Eubalaena australis .They are one of three species that are classified as right whales belonging to genus Eubalaena.



Southern Right Whales are the size of 10 Elephants. An adult female can reach 15 m in length and can weigh up to 47 tonnes. The largest recorded is of 17.5 to 18 meters long and 80 tonnes.  The Souther Right testicles are likely to be the largest of any animal. Each Testical weighing around 500 kg (1,100 lb). This could mean that sperm competition is very important in the mating process.


The Calving females are very well known to return to their 'place of birth' at 3 year intervals.


"Relaxing trip across the shorelines of plettenberg. We saw many whales, and a few dolphins, with plenty of time to take pictures and enjoy the sun."

"Amazing service from start to finish. The team really looked after me and kept me informed, plus I had amazing sightings of whales. Couldn't recommend them enough for whale watching in Hermanus! Will definitely use again in future."

"Had a fun whale watching experience today and got great video as well as close up pictures. Saw several whales on a day where I was not sure we were even going to go out because of the weather."

"What is not to love about Whale Watching?! Sheer pleasure! Hermanus... Whales breeding and breaching so close to our shores. <3"

"A fun thing to do in August."

"Great place 2 relax and watch the whales."

"Watching the whales were awsome. This was my first time to see the two whales together playing around in the ocean. Absolutely amazing to witness such great mammals."

"2 hour boat scheduled to go tickle the whales. 1 hour without anything, the pilot was still further, then suddenly, happiness, whales are there, jumping, one with her calf, some great times. So the ride lasted almost 3 hours, the sea choppy n, 3 or 4 meter waves made some have suffered, but what a sight. One caveat, the presentation for 15 minutes of what we do, the more the commentator blowing in a seaweed gathered on the beach to the sound of the strongest. Beautiful must see attraction."

"Starting from the very first e-mail up to the drop off at the hotel, all was just perfectly organized. Very good and professional service, a lot of helpfull suggestions, perfect timing, fulfillment of every wish. Hennie - our guide and driver was always on time, ready to stop everywhere we wanted, even just to take one photo. He shared a lot of knowledge in easy and understanadble way, with sense of humour. We really appreciated the willingness to help, explain, show all the most important and worth visiting places. I highly recommend to use the services of Whale Watching Hermanus as you won't be disappointed."

"First we wanted to book a trip in Hermanus but due to the strong wind our tour was canceled. Shane stayed in contact und booked the perfect trip in Plettenberbay a few days later. It was one of the best experiences of our trip. Thanks for this great service!"

"Thank you for the warm welcome, helpful tips and overall great experience! Fantastic day out with some good whale sightings!"
"This is a unique experience and a must do. If you come from Cape Town it can be a bit pricy since hermanus is an hour and a half away from Cape Town so that can cost you around a R1000 and then the boat cost R800 pp. but to see these whales is definitely a one in a lifetime experience."
"Thanks to the team! These guys really looked after me from the moment I contacted them to disembarking the boat. The guys have great knowledge about the area and the whales and couldn't do enough to ensure that the group was having a good time. Ended up seeing some pretty amazing whale sightings. Thanks to Hendrick & Shane for clear comms throughout! Will defo be using these guys again!"

"Whales great! There was even a family, a large whale and mother. They allowed fountains, swim, roll over. One scratched the back of the bottom of our boat. Podhoditblizko team that used to be comfortable and take off and watch. Near floats morzhik, looking out from time to time, and as if to say, and why I did not shoot ?! The pleasure of your stay !! Whales are the guys with the probability of 99.9 percent. Highly recommend."

"Whale Watching Hermanus enabled us a marvelous whale watching experience! Communication is very simple and easy and they take so much care of all your needs! Excellent service in every way. We just sent a short, simple request first for a specified date and got a lot of advices in short term as feedback incl. infos about the weather details the next days to make sure our trip can really take place(in order to avoid any disappointments for us). They made our trip possible already for the following day to ensure we will have a good trip and we really had an amazing whale watching trip! We decided for the option of the whale watching trip in Gansbaai and we didn't regret it. Being really close to this gentle giants was a breathtaking experience. You can come them really close if you are lucky. We saw a baby whale with its mother, saw a giant 'jump' and enjoyed every second being close to them. The 2 hours trip comes to it's end faster as you want and we didn't even wanted to get off the boat. We highly recommend Whale Watching Hermanus as YOUR tour operator! You won't regret anything. Shane, thank you so much one more time to enable us this awesome hours and moments we will never forget. You really made our trip!"

"We took the tour at the insistence of our guide. The tour lasts two hours and this time of year yet there are not many whales. After 1 hour sailing, we saw about 10 whales and several seals. It was very funny! We were on top of the boat, but I recommend going at the bottom. Best to take pictures and there is more balance to stand."


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