Corona Virus

Covid 19 Protocols

Masks: Face masks or coverings to be worn at all times by guests and
crew. Usage in accordance with Government authorities.

Screening: On arrival, all guest must complete a short questionnaire and
have their temperature checked.

A Daily health check will be done on crew.

Sanitizing: Alcohol-Based sanitizer will be provided to guests in a Welcome
pack and sanitizer stations are available at key areas.

Hand Washing: A Sufficient supply of soap, paper towels, wastepaper
bins and other cleaning materials are allocated to each washroom and station.

Enhanced Cleaning & Sanitisation will be done on Boat and on the land facilities
between and during trips. A Deep Clean and wash down of the boat will be done on a daily basis.

Issued lifejackets will be sanitized before and after each use.

Social Distancing = A 1.5 m distance must be maintained between ‘unconnected’
guests. Guests traveling together must maintain ‘Distancing Clusters’ onboard from other Guests.

Capacity Limiting: The number of guests on each tour has been
limited as per Government rules.

Minimized Contact will be implemented for ‘check-in’ procedures. Public
address system is on the boat for all to hear.

Seat Blocking with various seating options on board and guests are
requested to be considerate when choosing their preferred seat.

Designated area for guests that may start to feel seasick.

Additional sanitizer, disinfectant, and wipes will be available


Ventilation: Plenty of ventilation on the Atlantic Ocean and the boat has
outdoor decks and well-ventilated indoor areas.

Food & Beverage will be minimized, complimentary bottled water is also available.