Why Whale Watching in Hermanus is the Wonderful Sight?

Why Whale Watching in Hermanus is a Wonderful Sight?


Whales are one of the most majestic creatures in this world. With gigantic bodies, and super curved tails, these creatures of the seas and oceans are graceful and a treat to watch. Watching a whale orchestrate a perfect flip in the middle of an ocean is a dream for many sea lovers. But how many of us have been able to make our dream come true?

Hermanus is a seaside town in South Africa’s Western Cape Province. Located to the southeast of Cape Town city, Hermanus is popular around the world as a whale-watching destination. Hundreds of South Right Whales swim to Walker’s Bay during the months of July to November. This is undoubtedly the best time of the year to visit Hermanus.


Whale-watching in Hermanus

Weighing around 80 tons, the whales spend their winter in the Antarctic waters and gorging on the plankton. When the time for breeding and calves arrives, the whales swim to warmer climates of South Atlantic. It would be no easy feat for something as heavy as ten African elephants to raise high from the water, turn around and splash into it with such precision and elegance. Yet, we see them playing and splashing around in the blue water, delighting watchers who come from all corners of the world just to get a glimpse of them.

The South Right Whales are great show masters. They perform various acts which have been named as sailing, spy-hopping, and lob-tailing. In simple terms, sailing is when they stick those tails out of water and spy-hopping is when they poke the head out. Lob-tailing when the whales splash water with their tails. There is a theory that whales perform these acts not to entertain themselves but to get rid of the parasites and bugs feeding on them bulky bodies.

Whale Watching Trips

These South Right Whales managed to survive from the brink of extinction caused due to excessive hunting. Humans considered it their right to hunt them (thus the name). Thankfully, they are now a protected species and are being carefully monitored. The laws are quite strict and do not allow anybody to get closer than 165 feet to whale when they go whale watching in the boats. That said, these massive creatures like to investigate and tend to get closer to the boats themselves. In such conditions, the owner is permitted to not move away and stay in the same place.

Is it a surprise that many companies in Hermanus make a living exclusively by organizing whale watching trips every day? Each session could last for 2-3 hours and create a unique experience. The companies offer various whale watching packages for tourists.

Whales are the only ones to attract attention in Hermanus. Dolphins, penguins, seals, delightful beaches, and the walks along the cliff path make Hermanus a must-visit place. Individuals can contact one of the companies for whale watching to go right into the waters and fulfill the desire of looking at the marvelous yet gentle ocean beast.

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